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Each section of In Search of the Picturesque was originally published as monthly installments in The Poetical Magazine. A new section (Canto XXV) was added in the 1812 book, and the periodical installments were re-titled as “Chapters” in the first book edition and “Cantos” in the second edition. You may navigate through the full text of In Search of the Picturesque using the links below. William Combe’s preface to the 1812 book edition, as well as the advertisement to the second addition, are included in the “Appendix” section below.

Forthcoming: Complete annotations and collations comparing the Poetical Magazine with the first and second book editions.

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Canto XXV  Note: This text and accompanying image was added in 1812, and did not appear in the original periodical publication.
Canto XXVI

Preface to 1812 Edition
Advertisement to the second edition